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Savanna Band Alumni Association


Remember how you felt the first time you stepped out onto the stadium field?  The excitement of the crowd, your heart beating so fast you thought it would leap out of your chest!  A whistle sounds, then the roar of drums and there was no turning back.  Weeks of practice shifted your body and mind into “autopilot” and for the next 10 minutes you and your friends were transformed into a musical, geometrical machine that dazzled the football fans and inspired the next generation of Rebels.


We were all transformed in ways from our band experience well beyond the football field, parade route, or concert hall that have and continue to impact our lives today.  Lifelong memories, lifelong friends and even lifelong spouses that have built the foundations of their families.  Whatever your personal experience, I’m sure there remains a special place in your heart today that can still feel the magic.


Whether you are a recent alum, or one of the original 1963 band members, you are a part of the 50-year tradition that the  Savanna Rebel Band & Colorguard Alumni Association seeks to preserve and continue to build.  The association’s purpose is to reconnect all alumni and provide opportunities for both social and civic activities.  We also believe we share an obligation to our current Rebels and to future alumni.  The association supports them by funding a private lessons program that covers the 9th grade class and will eventually expand to include all grade levels.  With full funding, the program will fund bi-weekly private lessons for all musicians taught by professional musicians and graduate students.  The Alumni Association also supports the Michelle Zola Metcalf Scholarship, given annually to the John Phillips Sousa musician of the year.


Check back soon for upcoming events that support the Alumni Association.

Michelle Zola Metcalf Scholarship

The Michelle Zola Metcalf Scholarship is in honor of 1983 Savanna Band alumni Michelle Metcalf, and is given annually to the John Phillips Sousa musician of the year. 

Photos from the 50th Anniversary Alumni concert rehearsal

Photos from the 50th Anniversary Alumni concert rehearsal

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