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Savanna Rebel Band & Colorguard

Savanna High School

301 N. Gilbert St

Anaheim, CA 92801


Contact the Boosters at:

2021-2022 Executive Board 

President -- Laura Jennings

1st Vice President -- Michelle Rosiles

2n VP, Ways & Means -- Amber Valdovinos/Karla Villasenor

2nd VP, Ways & Means -- Marquis Deckard

Treasurer -- Michelle Rosiles

Asst. Treasurer -- OPEN

Recording Secy -- Kelly Conard

Communications Secretary -- Samuel Boots

Parliamentarian -- Diane Chankay

Auditor -- OPEN

Fernando Penaloza, Director of Bands

Tel: 714 220-4270
Fax: 714 994-2544


2021-2022 Members at Large 

Band Rep / Uniforms -- Amber Valdovinos/Karla Villasenor

Band Rep / Volunteers -- Michelle Rosiles/Kelly Conard

Colorguard Rep / Volunteers -- Fabiola Morales/Marquis Deckard

Colorguard Rep / Equipment -- OPEN

Drumline Rep -- Michelle Rosiles/Amber Valdovinos

Transportation Coordinator -- OPEN

Field Tournament Chair -- Laura Jennings

Historian -- Samuel Boots

Alumni Rep - Diane Chankay

Band Aid -- OPEN

Bench Papering -- OPEN



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